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U.J. Robichaud Gets Green Award

TIM-BR Mart dealer gets green award
METEGHAN CENTRE, N.S. —  Marc Robichaud of U.J. Robichaud TIM-BR Mart in Meteghan Centre, N.S. was recognized by the Dalhousie Eco-Efficiency Centre for his efforts to reduce his stores ecological footprint, while improving sales.  

Robichaud improved energy efficiency in a number of ways, including substituting 100 incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, which saved $1,400 in energy costs annually. Robichaud also added wall insulation, installed skylights to increase natural light, began using fuel additives in company trucks to decrease emissions and increase fuel efficiency, and burned old pallets and wood scraps for heat on site.

Robichaud got customers involved by increasing the number of eco-friendly products he carries, and inviting them to take away free sawdust generated from woodworking operations to use as a fuel source.

"Theres certainly a connection between being energy efficient and the bottom line," Robichaud said. "Plus, weve found this had a positive effect on our team weve made it a fun place to work and everyone wants to do the right thing."

Earlier this month, Robichauds store was one of several TIM-BR Marts to take part in the launch of EnerGrade, a national retail initiative to provide information to consumers about upgrading the energy efficiency of their home or navigating federal and provincial rebate and incentive programs.

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